Trucking Accidents

Trucks of any kind are large, powerful motor vehicles that can leave death and destruction behind when careless operation causes an accident with conventionally sized cars and motorcycles whose passengers are exposed to the elements.

Have you or a family member been involved in a trucking accident, and paid the price with permanently disabling injuries? Are you still struggling with life-changing setbacks today, related to the accident?

At The Palumbo Law Group, LLC, we are on your side. During our attorneys' more than 40 years of practice, we have worked hard to return many of our injured accident victim clients' lives to normal. The formula for our success — detailed investigation, skillful negotiations with insurers, forceful litigation in court — has built a sterling reputation that is recognized throughout Prince George's County, Charles County and surrounding Maryland counties.

V. Daniel Palumbo and Michael David Lovelace are lawyers who are keenly focused on your physical, financial and emotional needs — and determined to achieve justice in the form of maximum compensation for your losses.

Supporting You In Your Time Of Need After A Truck Accident

Trucking accidents such as a jackknife or semi rollover happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving and substance abuse
  • Insufficiently trained truck drivers
  • Trucks with loads that shift
  • Drivers operating trucks in need of repair and maintenance
  • Speeding in dangerous weather, on hazardous roads

Whether you and passengers were struck by a pickup truck, 18-wheeler or semitractor-trailer, collisions that can cause brain injury, spinal cord damage and paralysis, you have rights that must be protected. We defend those interests every day at The Palumbo Law Group, LLC. You can trust us to speak for your goals every day and provide personal service that answers every question.

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