Possession/Transport A Handgun

Are you facing serious criminal allegations for illegal ownership or improperly transporting, moving or shipping of a firearm in Southern Maryland?

These types of cases are hot-button political issues, and the penalties for failure to abide by these state laws are substantial. When your freedoms are at risk in the outcome of a weapons violation charge, the advocacy and assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to the protection of your rights.

At The Palumbo Law Group, LLC, we have the aggressive, attentive lawyers who work hard to safeguard gun-owner client interests. For more than 40 years, V. Daniel Palumbo and Michael David Lovelace have built a track record of success in negotiations and at trial that is recognized throughout Prince George's County, Charles County and Southern Maryland.

Gun possession and transportation cases that we become involved in include:

  • Felon or disqualified person in possession of a firearm
  • Gun owner transporting a firearm to any venue other than hunting, practice range, safety class, military service, gun show or other exhibitions
  • Unlawful wearing, carrying or transporting of a firearm
  • Transporting a firearm into Maryland
  • Licensing permit violations
  • Use of handgun in a crime of violence

Our criminal defense legal team explore every strategy to help you avoid punishments that could include imprisonment ranging from three years for a first offense to potentially 20 years for a second offense. Every detail of your arrest will be carefully examined, in the event that law enforcement overstepped its bounds.

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